Re: NKP Consist

Brian Carlson

I'll try to respond to several questions in one email. 

Schuyler the interchange point is column E. The Empty Erie Auto boxcars came off at Lima.  Much of the Train would be interchanged at Buffalo. The MB-98 was due in Buffalo by 11:30 am every day. Anything that made it to Buffalo for the Erie would be sent to East Buffalo. 

 I am not familiar with the numbers in the 1st column. Station number of the origin points sound right. I need to look these up. (I have the resource "Someplace") 

MB-98 was a fast freight so the low number of empty's is not surprising. The 4 Erie boxcars were probably in Auto Parts. What is interesting is the large block being dropped at Lima for the Erie. Included in the block are several cars going to Buffalo and points east that could have been routed over the NKP to Buffalo. This shows the shipper controlled the routing. 

I'm really interested in ARLX 1225 for Warren PA. This car is not going to Buffalo (0) it's going to 87 I need to look this up. The likely place is Erie but a second class train would be unlikely to stop there to drop one car.

I will be turning the consist into a short article for the NKPHTS so I am saving all the replies for future use. I may also look at modeling all the cars for the NKPHTS Modelers Notebook, our online Ezine. (I am not even an NKP modeler but I like freight cars.) 

Brian J Carlson, P.E.
Cheektowaga NY 

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