Re: Throwback Tuesday: Varney Metal Freight Car Kits

Nolan Hinshaw

On Mar 13, 2019, at 8:02 AM, Gene Green via Groups.Io wrote:

I got my start in model railroading with Varney plastic kits.
I started a few months after the Tidewater Central artickles[sic][0] appeared in Model Railroader, building my own version, using all the products[1] named in the artickles[0]. Eventually I lost, in the course of several back-to-back-to-backs moves-of-quarters, my Varney Old Lady and Casey Jones, and my Tyco Big-Six, all of which ran like the proverbial Swiss watch[2]. Several years passed during which I graduated from Ready-to-Ruin to building either from craftsman kits (Gould/Tichy tank & flat, for example) or from scratch (a few of the Jack Work freight fleet, but not the business car[3]).

Later, when the offspring was nearing adolescence and had begun to exhibit some responsibility, I built another on L-girders with Homasote™ spline roadbed, hydrocal-over-paper-towel-over-cardboard-web scenery, flex-track, Atlas snap-switches,and a reasonably-sophisticated MRC power pack on which we ran much Blue-box equipment. We had a Black-Widow GP-9, and another with a custom-painted shell representing SP 3010 as it looked as Caltrain 3187.

[0] Model Railroading is always a tickle, no matter how difficult or frustrating
[1] Tru-Scale™ milled roadbed, whatever power pack was listed, same cars, window screen, ...
[2] Rebuilt the Varneys and built the Tyco with lots of moly disulphide powder in oil in the bearings, burnished thoroughly, then run-in upside down, then re-powdered and run in some more,... Motorless they'd roll almost as easily as properly-weighted cars with Delrin™ trucks; if I still had 'em, I'd swap-in can motors and add decoders...
[3] that's on the horizon for N-scale, or if the offspring[4] agrees even for 1:8 for a few nearby outdoor clubs, resources permitting
[4] He and Jack Benny have something in common, and it's not tightwaddedness
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