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We long ago declared cabooses and MW equipment as valid for discussion, but maybe that was back on the old STMFC. I have a hard time remembering that far back myself, but since I usually eat Cheerios I can remember my breakfast. We also agreed that express boxcars, express reefers and milk cars were also allowed. I can't remember if drovers' cars have ever been discussed, but they are probably o.k. as well. After all, we've spent a great amount of bandwidth on poultry cars, including the attendant's space. That attendant
was just a chicken drover, of a sort.

I would have no problem with passenger cars converted to MW service. That's probably not likely to come up often anyway.

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Garth Groff

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There may have been a discussion here about allowing cranes and such here as Jack references, but I don’t recall it.

That doesn’t mean a darn thing as I don’t recall what I had for breakfast…… or if I had breakfast.

But, as usual, I do have an opinion. Of course, if there has been a hard rule made against it, I stand very much corrected.

To my way of thinking, MOW equipment should be included here. Yes, they are not revenue producing freight cars, but they are carriers of freight necessary for to the railroad’s operation.

Nit-pickers beware; I can get my back up and raise cane (My hurricane that is) if I hear all about the used passenger cars in company service or how a caboose doesn’t haul freight. Well, in MOW service, many a caboose did haul freight and, back in the day, I’d dare you to show me a freight train that did not need a caboose on it.

Besides I love rr cranes. And that’s my two cents, which is likely more than it’s worth.

John Hagen



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I have a few questions as to modeling a railroad crane/wrecker but I wanted to first make sure that this topic is appropriate for this group as its now a freight car per se.  Would someone give me a thumbs up or thumbs down before I proceed with my questions?

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