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Looking at the center photo there something, probably a 2X4 or 4X6, across the top of that “hump” in the boom. While a hunk of wood there would not prevent the boom from touching the overhead, it would insulate it.

John Hagen


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The Illinois Traction had an electric wrecking crane that was used both for wreck jobs as well as digging coal out of the two underwater coal storage pits they had built.  I'm looking for recommendations as to how to model such a thing.  I have looked at commercially available kits.  It seems like the Tichy crane frame might work but that a new cab and boom will need to be scratch built or 3D printed or something.  Thoughts?  Still not sure how one would manage a metal crane boom with an overhead powered wire directly above, seems like an electrifying challenge...

This is from the Illinois Terminal Facebook page. 

From 1916.

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