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When I started moving in manufacturer circles, I found that Ambroid never sold 5,000 of any of these kits.  However, the fact that they were limited run meant that they sold more of them than most of their regular line. – Al Westerfield


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Here's a link to a useful listing of all the Ambroid 1 of 5000 kits:

I lusted after them and bought each as they were released. Built all of the first series but gave up buying them after #4 of the second series as it seemed they were really reaching for prototypes. Plus I was deeply into Colorado narrow gauge by then and ended up selling all my '50s era standard gauge models and kits except for my first locomotive, a Mantua Shifter 0-4-0. Still have it. Also still have a small drawer full of Mantua and Comet paper freight car sides. Mostly reefers.

Like many modelers of the time I was greatly influenced by John Allen's articles and Varney ads. Hard to believe he's been gone for over 46 years. I know in some circles his work is no longer greeted with acclaim because he wasn't a prototype modeler and, like Malcolm Furlow's modeling, it seems to lean heavily towards caricature. But the G&D seemed credible and real to me at the time.....

Tom Madden


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