Re: NKP Consist

Jack Mullen

On Wed, Mar 13, 2019 at 10:41 AM, Brian Carlson wrote:
I'm really interested in ARLX 1225 for Warren PA. This car is not going to Buffalo (0) it's going to 87 I need to look this up. The likely place is Erie but a second class train would be unlikely to stop there to drop one car.
Yeah, the 9 cars at the bottom of the consist (presumably head end) are a bit puzzling to me. The 7xxx station numbers are W&LE destinations, so I suppose will be dropped at Bellevue, or maybe Lorain - I haven't looked at where they go on the Wheeling. That leaves shorts for 184 Cleveland, 102 Wallace Jct/ BLE, and 87 Erie / PRR. Like you, I don't think a thru freight is going to be making individual setouts, so I'm guessing they get dropped somewhere to go on a local. I know zilch about NKP ops, so hopefully this will provoke somebody with better knowledge to chime in.


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