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Jeffrey White

IC 97250 and 97251 rebuilt at Centralia in 1950 to carry calcium carbide containers. 3 more cars, 97252 -  97254 rebuilt in 1952 and 7 more, 97255 - 97262 in 1953.  There were 763 without the provisions for the containers,  97263-97999. rebuilt at Centralia in 1950.  The diagram sheet says they were rebuilt from various cars. The original cars were numbered 203700-205839 from various builders in 1923.  They were rebuilt the first time at McComb, MS in 1943 and numbered 89000-89999.  These are low side gons (3' 5 1/2" from the floor to the top)  but they are 8 panel gons.  Still on the roster in 1960. 

Jeff White

Alma, IL

On 3/13/2019 4:50 PM, Benjamin Hom wrote:

Richard Townsend asked: 
"I was going through my junk box this morning and came a cross an AHM 40-foot, eight-panel gondola. It got me wondering: is there a prototype for this car? A quick look through several Carbuilder Cycs came up with plenty of nine-panel cars, but no eights. Any suggestions? Oh, by the way it's solid bottom. No drop doors."

Bill Welch wrote:
"Hard to tell w/o a photo of the model..."

Photo attached - this is one of the most common models out there, originally introduced by Varney during their switch to styrene, copied by Rivarossi and Cox, and later offered by Walthers, Life-Like, and Bachmann.  It's a plausible model - it's not outlandish like the Athearn 50 ft gon, but the problem is it doesn't match any known prototype.

However, it's so common that I'm considering using it for a bunch of ersatz "Tan Dot" SP gons as I have more than a few on hand, saving the Red Caboose and Detail Associates models for foreground models.  Here's Jason Hill's approach on doing this:

Ben Hom

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