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William Hirt

On 3/13/2019 12:41 PM, Brian Carlson via Groups.Io wrote:
I am not familiar with the numbers in the 1st column. Station number of the origin points sound right. I need to look these up. (I have the resource "Someplace")
If you can not find it, I downloaded the PDF file from NKP Historical Society site today. The station numbers are in a booklet called Officers, Agents, Stations etc 1951.

I'm really interested in ARLX 1225 for Warren PA. This car is not going to Buffalo (0) it's going to 87 I need to look this up. The likely place is Erie but a second class train would be unlikely to stop there to drop one car.
87 is shown to be Erie PA. Would it not be too surprising this train stopped at Bellevue, Ohio, the main NKP system yard, to be re-blocked or combined with a train originating from Chicago? There then could be a whole block for Erie then.

The Sanborn maps show a Armour branch house on the NYC in Warren, PA.

Bill Hirt

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