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A&Y Dave in MD

I am looking for any of the Southern double sheathed car kits by Sunshine Models.  I don't know how many the company made, but I have been unable to locate any since a single kit appeared on eBay 4+ years ago (and Craig Zeni won it and later showed it to me built, sigh).  I'm guessing it was rare due to lack of orders not because everyone bought them out quickly (how I wished I had known when the company was active!).

I'd definitely prefer a kit, but would consider a well-built model, painted or unpainted, (send photos) at this point.

I have 10 of the 36' truss rod SU Westerfield kits, so please don't offer me those.

Thought the STMFC list would be as good as any to locate one of these kits, perhaps far enough back in the "to do" line that someone might be willing to sell it.  

Please email me OFFLIST at
dbott@...  if you have one for sale.   Yes, I'm emailing Jim Hayes for leads, too.

I would consider trading for the 1937 version single door Southern Sunshine kit, which is of more interest to me.  I have one extra unbuilt each of a Smoky Mountain Model Works Southern wood caboose kit complete with trucks and couplers, and a Wright Track as-built Southern bay window cab kit as possible trades.


Dave Bott

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