Re: Throwback Thursday: Ambroid PRR Class R7 Reefer

Benjamin Hom

Richard Townsend wrote:
"I am amazed that there isn't a high-quality injection molded model of this car and its relatives (i.e. the X23). I am aware of the terrific Westerfield resin kits and the Cannonball plastic kits, but neither is what I am talking about. One lacks quality and the other is not plastic.If we can have Caswell gons, why not R7s?"

There is one high quality HO scale X23 family model on the market - the Broadway Limited Class K7A stock car, which were rebuilt from Class X24 automobile boxcars.  The sound module is goofy and the model needs some work to correct the trucks, but that problem is definitely fixable and documented by Bruce Smith in an early issue of The Keystone Modeler.

Ben Hom

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