Re: modeling a crane question

Tim O'Connor

"Railroad History" #160 (publication of the R&LHS) has a 10 page article on
Santa Fe 120 ton Brownhoist cranes and some comparison with earlier cranes
that some modelers might find useful.

Tim O'Connor

On 3/14/2019 10:33 AM, Spen Kellogg wrote:
On 3/13/2019 10:21 PM, Doug Forbes wrote:
Hey John,
Thanks for the information!!!  I googled that and came up with an
article from Engineering News from 1913 that shows that the base is
13' 6" long and 9' 10" wide, with a 30' goose-neck boom. That's not a
very big crane.  Quite a unique thing to model.  I think ??? I've
attached the article but I'm not sure.
Would appreciate any scratch building, kitbashing, etc ideas. Awesome

Since the Tichy crane boom is twice the size of the one you want to
model, might there be an N scale crane that could provide a boom close
to what you need? Or possibly a boom from a construction vehicle in HO
or S scale; Herpa comes to mind?

Spen Kellogg
*Tim O'Connor*
*Sterling, Massachusetts*

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