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Wowser! Great looking cars! Have to admit that I love those old wood kits! They have so much charm, it is extremely satisfying to see a model arising out of a pile of sticks, and despite probably never being as accurate as a (well-built) resin kit, it's up to the builder and his skills to get a very nice result. You definitely succeeded!
I, too have about 20-25 wood kits, about 5 of them I have started but not completed up to date. But I will continue someday.
Many greetings
Modeling the early post-war years up to about 1953
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The above cars represent wood craftsman kits that I did back in the 70’s.  These were my first efforts that I considered good enough to be a part of my permanent roster. The C&O well hole flat is a Quality Craft kit.  The Santa Fe Bx 3 is a Suncoast kit.  It is due for a few upgrades.  The NKP hopper is an Ambroid kit that suffered an accident and was rebuilt several years ago.
Fecently I visigted a great “O” scale AT&SF/SP layout in the Bay Area.  There was a string of BX-3 cars all Pecos River Brass with one Suincoast car.  One had to look very close to determine which was which.
Hope you enjoy:
Bill Pardie
Bill Pardie

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