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Thanks for the info, but what road?

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On 3/17/19 5:55 AM, James Musgrove via Groups.Io wrote:
It is a class GHd class gondola car.
29500 - 29999 built 1918 under AFE #7403 by Standard Steel Car $2317.85 each new Trust Series "G"
29711 build completion date was February 21, 1918 and was retired in May 1948.
Jim Musgrove
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If you mean the rods on the right hand side of the photo (not the rebar in the center left), then these are the rods that actuate the interlocking plant. This is a manual interlocking and the rods run back to the tower and control the switches and signals in the interlocking from the "Armstrong" machine.

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Why the 3-link chains on the ends?

What are the ~3/4-inch rods on the ground?

What’s the lading?  Limestone?

David Soderblom
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