Re: NKP Consist

William Hirt

Though a little late for this list, GN train 1/88 wheel report on April 17, 1968 shows the train leaving Willmar MN with a WAG boxcar added at Willmar loaded with wheat routed Minneapolis - Galesburg IL - Denver CO with eventual delivery to Colorado Milling & Elevator Co. Obviously nowhere near the most direct route. Real wheel reports I have often show some really strange routings. One retired railroad official gave a talk I attended about freight routing pre-Staggers Act. Often times he said fast and damage free service provided a large deciding factor since the rates were pretty much the same no matter what route was chosen.

Bill Hirt

On 3/17/2019 12:36 PM, Tony Thompson wrote:

Schuyler Larrabee wrote:

Well, yeah, that’s true,. But the circuity would have been ridiculous.  They would have had to haul the car(s) to Mt Morris in NJ via Scranton.

    Welcome to real railroading, Schuyler. Shippers specified what they wanted, and many, many "circuitous" routings were in the "approved" lists. 

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