Re: Help With Wabash Tank Car ID

Jim Gates

That history is available here:$b661737;view=1up;seq=1

According to this the name was borrowed from the German-American Provision Company. The implication is this is the company from whom Epstein obtained his original cars.

Jim Gates

On Mon, 3/18/19, Steve and Barb Hile <shile@...> wrote:

Subject: Re: [Non-DoD Source] [RealSTMFC] Help With Wabash Tank Car ID
Date: Monday, March 18, 2019, 8:06 PM

Max Epstein found a freight car leasing company in 1898 and in 1902, changed the name to German American.  During WWI, the name changed, again, to General American, at least partly due to anti-German sentiment at that time.  See for some more details.  There was a 50 year history book published in 1948 that shows up from time to time on eBay or other used book sites.

Steve Hile

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