Weekend paint and decal project

A&Y Dave in MD

Friday night, I had some leftover Tru Color paint in my airbrush cup after painting my pulp racks, so I pulled out an Ertl low side gon project car, removed trucks and deck, then painted it black. I had a steam era image from 1929 showing a Southern gondola during construction work at Duke University. So I put together some graphics in Adobe Illustrator to match on Sunday and printed the decal sheet. Tonight I applied the decals. I was in too much of a hurry and screwed up the E, but I managed to finish the whole car on all sides. I added Tahoe trucks and I need to replace some grabs and stirrup steps, but I think it came out decent. Next one will have corner gussets, vertical brake wheel, scale couplers, and proper K brakes. But at least now I have one more example for my presentation on Ghost White decals at the Greensburg RPM meet. See you at my talk 4pm Saturday. The car will be on display.

Dave Bott

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