Tungsten weight--40% Sale at Maximum Velocity

Andy Carlson

Hello everyone-

The company I have mentioned a few times as a source for Tungsten weights from putty, pellets, and many different geometric shapes is going out of business and is reducing everything for 40%.


I have purchased a few times and love the huge weight difference from lead. About 4 times the specific gravity of Zinc, almost twice lead.

-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

Dear Maximum Velocity customer:

After 20 years of offering pinewood derby supplies, we have decided to sell Maximum Velocity. This was a difficult decision as we enjoy the business and interacting with our customers. However, we are getting older and it is getting more difficult to keep up with the busy schedule. We will do our best to ease the transition, but there will be some period of time when the business will be offline.

To prepare for selling the business, we are greatly reducing our huge inventory of pinewood derby products. Starting today, we are offering 40% off on all orders - no restrictions.(1) This is your chance to get supplies for this year, or for next year at prices likely never to be seen again.

To take advantage of this offer, use coupon code MAXIMUM40 during checkout. The coupon is only valid for orders placed between March 19 and April 30.

Sorry, at this discount level there is no free shipping offer.


To our fellow pinewood derby vendors, or individuals that are looking for large quantities of an item, we can offer you at or below wholesale prices on bulk purchases of pine blocks, weights, BSA Speed Wheels, and other parts. Send us an email with item(s) and quantity that you are interested in, and we will send you a quote. Our email address is:


If you are interested in purchasing the business, please let us know. To run the business you would need a very large room and/or outbuilding. I don't recommend a separate commercial facility due to the overhead costs. Send serious inquiries only to: info@...

Thank you for your business,
Randy & Elisa Davis
Maximum Velocity

(1) All sales are final, and no returns are allowed except in the case of damage during shipping or a defective product. Any returns must be received by May 1, 2019.

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