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Tim O'Connor

My grandfather's (my Mom's dad) family were Swiss, named Leuzinger. Name was changed
to Lucksinger after they arrived here.

On 3/19/2019 10:57 AM, al_westerfield wrote:

My family’s name was originally Weustefelt.  My grandfather changed it during WW1 in order to get a job. – Al Westerfield


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Years ago I was very surprised to learn that German Americans are the

largest "ethnic group"

in the USA. About 1/6 of Americans are descended from Germans, and many

more than Irish

or English or African descendants. But yeah, WWI sent their pride

underground where it has

mostly remained...



On 3/18/2019 11:32 PM, Tony Thompson wrote:

> Johannes wrote:

>> being a German, I would be interested what exactly was german in that company. "Just" a German immigrant as a (co-)founder?

>       The founder was of German heritage. Before WW I, German heritage was a source of pride in the U.S.

> Tony Thompson




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