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I believe you meant 1950-1955 by "first half 1950's era" and not 1900-1950.  

I model 1934 and have a friend that models 1926 and another 1905.  Each time frame would have a different representative.  I'm looking at a mix of single and double sheathed 36' and 40' cars, like the BH and BI classes with a healthy dose of the steel sided cars.  I went to my database of cars on Southern Railway trains on the Winston-Salem divsion.  Out of 7000 cars in my database, I see

282 N&W box cars  
       98   40' single and double door (BS, BT)
       55    '23 ARA based (BP/BPa)
       41    USRA SS box (BK)
       25   40' steel box (BSa)
       24    36' (BH, BI, BJ vent),
       19    40' SS 1 1/2 door (BL)
         5    X29
       15   unidentified        

So the BPa is representative of a good proportion, but you need BS/BT, and a mix of USRA SS (the Tichy car represents that) and some of those Accurail 36 footers to round things out.

Is there an HO scale model of the BS (double door) or BT (single door) class?


Thursday, March 21, 2019, 4:59:16 AM, you wrote:

  I see I made a rather large math error on the N&W fleet of X29s, should be 1000 not 5000. Whoops.
              However, was there a better more representative XM car for the N&W (first half 1950s era) than the X29?    
                                                                                                                                                                                                          Jim Dick  

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