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Rod Miller

On 3/21/19 6:44 AM, Nelson Moyer wrote:
Thanks for the tip, Schuyler. These look like a 21^st century version of the clothespin, but with better designed tips in a variety of sizes. I won’t have to use my collection of reversed clothespins any more. That’s a good thing, because the quality and availability of wood clothespins has deteriorated over the years.
Nelson Moyer
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*Subject:* [RealSTMFC] Always looking for tools
I apparently inherited my grandfather’s severe case of toolitis . . .
And I am always looking for them in places I happen to find myself.  Like Sunday, when my girlfriend wanted to go into a fabric/knitting/crochet shop.
I wound up buying some clamps.  Small enough to call clips, I suppose, but I’ll call them very small but powerful clamps.
Clover manufacturing Co., LTD
And now that I have looked on line for them I find they come in a jumbo size
and a mini version
Inexpensive.  Ten clips for $7.00.
Schuyler, have you used these when soldering? Since they appear to
be all plastic they might not survive an encounter with heat.
Nelson, hang on to your clothes pins if you use small
clips during soldering.

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