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Gatwood, Elden J SAD


Have you seen this photo from the Hagley? This is the interesting arrangement on the 1932 cars with "pre-war" Y-town doors, for those with plumbing questions. Of course, this is the left side of the car.

Also, the attached arrangement shows the converted X29 u/f (on an X29B), with the more expected AB-converted equipments. Note that the middle part of the drawing is from above, not below, so triple valve is on left side, reservoir on right, facing forward from the "B" end. The "wide-out" cross-bearers of the X29 were not replaced with door-width cross-bearers on the X29B.

As Bruce notes, it is a relatively easy conversion. Just make sure you use short levers. The "wishbone" triple valve mount is easily cobbled from scrap sheet, and the reservoir supports from "L" angle, if you want to.

Elden Gatwood

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Wishful thinking. They have used the same arrangement on all their AB equipped cars since it’s what they tooled. Well what Red Caboose tooled.

Intermountain’s fidelity to the prototype varies widely depending on the model and paint scheme.

Brian J. Carlson

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Unfortunately, notifying Intermountain about errors in presence, absence, and location of detail parts and paint schemes on several pre-order releases hasn’t altered their behavior, as they continue to ignore the information provided. I preordered six X29 cars in good faith, hoping they knew what they were doing. I think I’ll hold off on those decorated cars and see if they offer undecorated kits that can be kitbased into correct cars. Apparently we can’t expect Intermountain to compete with Exact Rail or Tangent with respect to prototype details.

Perhaps if enough people provided corrections and/or complained, they would listen, or is that just wishful thinking?

Nelson Moyer

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Please be aware, that at least based on the artwork displayed by Intermountain, the brakes on these prospective car releases are incorrect.

The artwork (and description) indicates that these cars use the RC patch panel tooling, which, to the best of my knowledge, was only done for the mid-production (1928) body X29 by RC. Although not clear, the artwork appears to show plate ends, which is expected. The artwork also show a transverse early AB reservoir. These were only applied to the 1932 or later production X29s which are distinguished by the application of Dreadnaught ends. Subsequent plate end X29 conversions to AB brakes utilized the more well known AB reservoir, hung longitudinally under the carbody. Thus the offering by IM is incorrectly detailed with respect to the type and location of the brake reservoir (and some minor differences with brake levers as well).



Bruce F. Smith

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