Re: Reservations Needed: PRR X29 Boxcar (HO Scale)

Bill Welch

Yes the forthcoming the B-5 from Yarmouth.

Bill Welch
However, was there a better more representative XM car for the N&W (first half 1950s era) than the X29?
Not really, no. Before 1925, the prewar 36' double-sheathed boxes in classes BG, BH, and BI (plus the ventilators in class BJ) would have been predominant. After 1955, 40' PS-1s would be a good representative. During the intervening thirty years, N&W would pick a particular design and buy or build 500, 1000, or 1500 of it, then after 5-7 years or so pick a significantly different design and buy or build several groups of that, etc. so that no single design comprised more than 20-30% of the box car fleet.

David Thompso

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