New Decals, New Website and New Email

Daniel Kohlberg

Hello everyone,

Three updates this month, worthy of a careful read:

1. I have released a new decal set for IC 53’/60’ GSC flatcars 1957+. Brown or black flatcar, white lettering. Enough lettering for up to three cars.
Photos, pricing/shipping details and other exciting information can be found on my website:
Scroll down for the new set: ICG-91

2. Effective immediately, my ICG Decal website has a new home:
Yes, my old Mindspring site is gone. And not a moment too soon. Please update your bookmarks, sticky notes, and tell all of your friends. It will take a while for Google and other search engines to catch up to the changes.

3. I have a new e-mail address, so please address all fan mail to me at:

The old paducah address is gone. (But feel free to send any complaints there.)

Dan Kohlberg
Email: dan@...

P.S. Attention Span Bonus! The new home for the St. Louis RPM website is Spread the word, and hope to see you in July!

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