New Decals, New Website and New Email

Daniel Kohlberg

Hello everyone,

Three updates this month, worthy of a careful read:

1. I have released a new decal set for IC 53’/60’ GSC flatcars 1957+. Brown or black flatcar, white lettering. Enough lettering for up to three cars.
Photos, pricing/shipping details and other exciting information can be found on my website:
Scroll down for the new set: ICG-91

2. Effective immediately, my ICG Decal website has a new home:
Yes, my old Mindspring site is gone. And not a moment too soon. Please update your bookmarks, sticky notes, and tell all of your friends. It will take a while for Google and other search engines to catch up to the changes.

3. I have a new e-mail address, so please address all fan mail to me at:

The old paducah address is gone. (But feel free to send any complaints there.)

Dan Kohlberg

P.S. Attention Span Bonus! The new home for the St. Louis RPM website is Spread the word, and hope to see you in July!

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