Re: What Are These?

Donald B. Valentine <riverman_vt@...>

     To add a little more to this on truss rod cars not too much older than the DL&W car and Wabash car used to illustrate
these bolted braces the same style of castings and nuts could be found a bit lower on the ends of the cars, In that example
they were nuts on the ends of truss rods. The brace ends that you ask about, Bob, are a left over from the truss rod era.
For truss rod cars the ends of the truss rods went over the bolster and then angled up into the end of the car at a flatter angle 
than your photo indicates for the brace and sometimes they went straight from the bolster top into the end sill. I believe this was largely dependent on whether the end of the car was steel or wood construction and with the latter the truss rod end would more likely have gone straight to the end sill. Hope this further explanation helps.If not you might also look at the No. Pac. truss rod
car on pages 118 & 119 of the 1922 Car Builders Cyc. or similar drawings in almost any earlier edition. 

Cordially, Don Valentine

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