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Bruce Smith


We did the F28, F29, and F33 on PRRPro recently. Here's some brief information about the three kits you list, which overlap two of these projects...

F29 - 20 cars, 2 groups of 10, 1927 and 1929. Excellent models of both series available in HO from Railworks. F&C 8171 model covers the first group with 3F-F1 Kiesel trucks and 8170 covers the second group with 3F-F2 buckeye trucks.

F33 - as noted 16 cars, built in 2 lots, 1938 and 1942, with 3F-F2 and 3F-F3 Buckeye trucks (no real visible difference. I built the F&C kit. Here is a brief review. The body is copy cast from an early brass car that was billed as an F33, but which in reality is a very similar C&O car. If you care, you will need to sand the "bumps" off the upper decks as they were not present on the F33. I did that and duplicated the rivets with Archers. I removed the faux wooden decking in the well and replaced it with laser cut decks by AMB. Those are beautiful, but the removal was a nightmare.... I might pass if I thought about doing it again. The trucks... ah the trucks... all three of these cars are going to use F&C's resin trucks. I tried to find metal trucks for the F33 that worked, to no avail. Railworks did make these trucks but I couldn't find a set. I ended up breaking the resin ones, and then gluing them together and using them. I also discovered that the center screw mount would not work only after setting the trucks up to do that, but there is an offset mount and I HIGHLY recommend you use it. As always with F&C, there are some additional details to add to improve the looks of the car. I do like how the model came out, but it was more work than the simple kit implied and, of course, it to nothing.

F34 - 3 cars built, 2 in 1938 and the 3rd in 1943.

So, for shear numbers, the F29 is the winner, but either he F29 or F33 give you a workable model that can handle some unique loads.


Bruce Smith

Auburn AL

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Yes I have the little B&M kit. I am looking at these three PRR kits:

8170 - PRR F29 Depressed Center Flatcar ONE PIECE BODY with Decals and Buckeye Trucks Less Wheels $44.99

8470 - PRR F34 ONE PIECE BODY Heavy Duty Flat Car with Trucks and Decals $49.99

6940 - PRR F33 Well Hole Flatcar ONE PIECE BODY With Decals and Trucks Less Wheels $41.99

Bill Welch

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