Re: Kind of interesting CB&Q boxcar.

Eric Lombard

Hello Everyone,

CB&Q 20500-20509
 This is a rara avis! In a series of only ten, a photo is an unexpected treat. These cars, built 1941-1942,  have inset side sills with brackets supporting the wider side sheathing. All other of the many 40-6 and 50-6 steel cars built new by the CB&Q have side sheets flush with the side sills. Maybe the 20500-20509 series are rebuilds? There is no note of this in equipment diagram but that they were built by CB&Q, Galesburg, IL. The reweigh date on #20507 looks like 5-7x? If somebody has more definitive information on this small series it would be great to hear from you!

20000-20024     25 XP-1     1940 Dreadnaught (
20025-20090     65 XP-1     1941-2 Dreadnaught (
20500-20509     10 XP-1A   1941-2 Auto end doors
20100-20199   100 XP-1B   1947 Dreadnaught Imp
20200-20299   100 XP-1B   1949 Dreadnaught Imp

1942     10  RBLT? Galesburg, IL.
1943(7)     10
1960(10)     10

On Sat, Mar 23, 2019 at 12:33 AM Scott <repairman87@...> wrote:
Does anybody have any information on this car in the ebay page below?  It says it was taken in 1963 but it looks like its been around for a while.  Lots of little interesting details on it lime the roof to side transition and side rivit pattern.  I wonder if this was a rebuild of a single sheathed car?

Scott McDonald

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