Re: Reservations Needed: PRR X29 Boxcar (Arch Bar Trucks)

Bruce Smith


Actually, it appears that very few of the 1st series of cars were even built with arch bar trucks. I have photos including a builders photo of 569091, built 5-24 with 2D-F8 trucks. And yes, I have seen evidence of truck changes in far less time than 6 years. Remember, these were the "new" flagship cars, and if cars in the same series were getting newer trucks, it is not at all unreasonable to think that the PRR might have switched the trucks out on these cars, even within months of their being built. Note too that the car Claus mentioned, 570862 was built in 10-24... so newer than the one above. Not sure what was happening there or if the arch bars are a temporary replacement on this car.

In this case, lacking photo evidence of arch bars on X29s past 1932 as the extreme date, I wouldn't model them that way, any time later than about 1930, unless modeling that specific car.


Bruce Smith

Auburn, AL

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OK, but what is the evidence that the PRR bothered to swap out the arch-bar trucks within ~6 years of construction on the early X29s that were so equipped?  Unless somebody has a cache of photos that I have not seen, the evidence into and through the 1930s is minuscule relative to the number of cars built.

Dave Parker
Riverside, CA

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