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The dies were cut for me by Grandt Line.  I don’’t know if the current owner was able to retrieve them when Grandt went out of business. – Al Westerfield


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From: Bruce Smith
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I would go with the Westerfield. They are both made for the H21 and the Westerfields are finer detailed. The Bowser part includes the side of the door as well as the latch.



Bruce Smith

Auburn, AL


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Subject: [RealSTMFC] HO Wine Door Locks


Who makes the most accurate HO scale Wine door locks?

The target cars are various SOU steam era hoppers.

A search turned up these.

Westerfield 1171 wine door lock set of 4 $2.50

Bowser 1-74077 H21 left wine door lock $0.35

Bowser 1-74078 H21 right wine door lock $0.35



Mike Turner



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