Re: Kind of interesting CB&Q boxcar.

Charlie Vlk


Could the cars have been built for the same type of service (aircraft parts) as the XA-14D raised roof single sheathed 50 ft DD Boxcars rebuilt in 1942 for B-26 Marauder wings and later the B-29 Superfortress fuselage housings applied to 69 FM-14 Flatcars in 1944?

Charlie Vlk  


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20507 was a class XP-1A built in 1942 at Galesburg, one of only 10 in the class (20500-20509), with a mono rail and hoist, and an end door 9’ 1” x 10’.

Rupert Gamlen
Auckland NZ


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Subject: [RealSTMFC] Kind of interesting CB&Q boxcar.


Does anybody have any information on this car in the ebay page below?  It says it was taken in 1963 but it looks like its been around for a while.  Lots of little interesting details on it lime the roof to side transition and side rivit pattern.  I wonder if this was a rebuild of a single sheathed car?

Scott McDonald



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