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I would vote for the lunch break option.  We do that at Jeff Mutter's and I don't recall losing many if any guys at the break.  Adjusting your start time to split the session also allows an earlier departure without compromising any of your current scheme as you already have lunch.


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On Monday, March 25, 2019, 6:55:23 PM EDT, Jared Harper <harperandbrown@...> wrote:

I have monthly op sessions on my Santa Fe Alma branch layout. My layout is 22 1/2 x 30' with seven stations--Burlingame, Harveyville, Bradford, Eskridge, Hessdale, Allendorph, and Alma. I invite three guys to my home for lunch at noon. After lunch we go to the basment where my three visitors run trains 95/96 the daily except Sunday mixed train filling the functions of engineer, conductor and brakeman.  I am the question answerer, troubleshooter, etc.  I am 74.  The other operators range in age from their 30's to a few years older than I am.  The after lunch op sessions run from about 2 1/2 hours to 4 hours.  As the operating group gets more geezerly our backs, legs and feet start failing us and we start to hurt.  Ways have been discussed on how reduce our physical suffering and maintain our enjoyment.  Several things have bee suggested:

1.  The prototype train was an out and back operation  Train 95 went from Burlingame to Alma in the morning.  When their work was done at Alma they ate lunch.  It has been suggested that we follow the prototype's lead, i.e.  have the guys arrive about 10:30, run train 95, and then go upstairs for lunch.  After lunch we can go back to our jobs running train 96.  One of our locals breaks his op session at lunch.  After lunch we return to operating until the ops are finished  Unfortunately some of the crew leaves and with just three crew that doesn't work.
2.  Running train 95  could be one op session  on one day.  Train 96 could run another day in another op session.  Seems to me that would ruin continutiy.

Anyway, I would like to hear your suggestions.

Jared Harper

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