Sunshine GATX Type 17 Tank Cars - better instructions for building them

Todd Sullivan

Hello tank car resinators,

Several weeks ago, I offered to compile a better set of instructions for building Sunchine's GATX Type 17 tank cars.  They are attached as an Excel workbook.  Since I'm not sure how to load such files to the site and this group, I'll let someone else do that.

A couple of caveats: 
1) I have built 4 kits up through step 31, and I am confident that there won't be further changes in the sequence of the steps.
2)  I have not provided photos of the cars yet.  I hope to do that this weekend, and will publish another revision of the instructions when I do.

Please note that the Notes are on a separate tab in the Excel workbook.

Questions, comments and corrections are always welcome.

Todd Sullivan

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