Re: Delaware & Hudson 36-foot DS boxcars

Benjamin Hom

Bill Welch asked:
"Inspired by an item on the Speedwitch Blog ( I retrieved my F&C kit #3406 and have pretty much finished building and detailing the superstructure. I am stuck however doing the underframe as I am not confident how to proceed. There are some parts that I think are meant to be Crossbearers but the instruction as usual are not helpful.

I am curious if there are any D&H mavens here that may have information on the prototype. In his blog post Ted Culotta said he thought there may have been a RMC article by John Nehrich. Can anyone verify this?"

The Nehrich construction article, featuring an extensive kitbash of the MDC 36 ft DS boxcar, appeared in the December 1987 issue of RMC.  He followed drawings by Chuck Yungkurth published in the November 1987 issue of RMC.

Ben Hom

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