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Don Burn


Not a D&H maven but there was an article in November 1987 RMC on the prototype with a plan by Chuck Yungkurth showing all three ends, and the with an underframe plan. The December issue the same year had a how to model the cars article.

Don Burn

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Inspired by an item on the Speedwitch Blog ( I retrieved my F&C kit #3406 and have pretty much finished building and detailing the superstructure. I am stuck however doing the underframe as I am not confident how to proceed. There are some parts that I think are meant to be Crossbearers but the instruction as usual are not helpful.

I am curious if there are any D&H mavens here that may have information on the prototype. In his blog post Ted Culotta said he thought there may have been a RMC article by John Nehrich. Can anyone verify this? I plan to post model photos soon.

Bill Welch

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