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Thanks for the reminders. I will incorporate most into the final version. I am not too concerned about some problems you cite with the PK2000 gondolas. They are reasonably close for most modelers. I will mention the floors and the trucks. I had forgotten about them (my own 6501 is on National B-1 trucks).

I have both Andy's boxcar and stock car, but I decided to skip them because they are so rare. I'm already tantalizing people with a lot of stuff that is hard to find.

Didn't Sunshine do the 19001 boxcars?

Looks like the text will cover another page, but so be it.

Yours Aye,

Garth Groff

On 3/29/19 3:04 PM, Fred Jansz wrote:
Garth my friend, I still have your original list in my ordner!
Tipped you -years ago- about the Pecos River brass WP 1201-seriesĀ  tank cars in K- & AB brake versions.
Ted's Speedwitch offered us a very nice resin kit to build into one of the WP 20001-class 'shorty' box cars: K-114.1 and 114.2
Chad Boaz offers a resin body of the WP 2401-series flat car. He once also offered decals, but these are gone now.
The P2K 6601-6800 cars are not faithful reproductions. The floor is wood, should be steel. The sides are missing 56 strap lugs and matching holes in the top sills to run the ropes through. The ends have no pole pockets, cut levers or brake brackets & hoses. The trucks are random plank versions and should be A-3 Ride Control (Kadee/Kato).
The 6501-6600 class has wood floor, is also missing end details and must ride on National B-1 trucks (Kadee).
Andy Carlson once offered resin casting for the 15001-Pullman built box car and the 75801 stock car.

- there's a WP reefer coming this spring from RCW; all variations can be build from that kit, incl tks and Speedwitch decal set.
- Westerfield is working on the MEGA RARE 1936 rebuilt WP19001-series double door boxcar (one 6' and one 7' door)
- Yarmouth is in the planning stages with the 2401-series flat car.

Fred 'WP' Jansz

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