Re: FOR SALE: 100 Mostly RTR Freight Cars & Locomotives

Donald B. Valentine

Well, guys, as already stated I sent my resquest for a list twenty minutes ago by using the "reply to sender" key at the bottom of the page.
Since the list has already arrived from Matthew that seems to work. Being woefully incompetent when it comes to computers all I can tell 
you is that I'm using an old Lenovo using Google and Yahoo Mail with Windows 7 that I've hated for a year and wish I still had XP.  My 
favorite saying about Microsoft is "Never have so few made so much money by offering so little of value". As one of my MIT Model RR 
Club cohorts exclaimed recently, if the government were smart they would change the copyright laws on computer software so that the 
copyright expired the day the originator of the software stopped providing service for it. Then we would not be forced to by these lousy 
upgrades each of which in my opinion is worse the the crap it replaced. It would also help if the government completely phased out
Microsoft and went to Linus software or something else in the publkic domain. 

Sorry for the soapbox,  Don Valentine

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