Selling messages on the STMFC



It is clear that some members of the RealSTMFC are not completely familiar with the group’s rules governing listing and/or selling items. This a bit puzzling since every member has read and has agreed with the rules.


I would also note that references will at times refer to just the STMFC. These references refer to the RealSTMFC.


The following over riding rule  governs the STMFC’s functions: ALL SUBJECTS OTHER THAN THOSE DIRECTLY ASSOCIATED WITH STEAM ERA FREIGHT CARS ARE PROHIBITED FROM MEMBER MESSAGES. Thus, all admin, security, or "policing" functions will be conducted only by myself or my representatives. Warnings about virus activity is strictly prohibited. Threads or subjects may be terminated only by myself or my representatives. When threads/subjects are terminated, members are expected to avoid sending messages associated with such threads/subjects.


The following is a summation of the STMFC rules governing selling: Announcements of steam era freight car related items for sale are permitted BUT actual lists of items should be made available from the seller to interested members in response to  their personal request rather than in the seller’s message. Announcements of such sells should be kept at a minimum. The primary objective of the group is to exchange information concerning the subject.


Messages regarding the selling of products associated with freight cars as part of a commercial enterprise must be sent during the period of noon Friday EST and Sunday midnight EST.

Each seller is allowed one message unless a correction is needed.


Seller messages MUST include OFF GROUP addresses for replies. Replies by members to seller messages MUST be OFF GROUP.

Selling messages MUST include a statement that replies MUST be OFF GROUP and must include an Email address to which responders can reply to. This address should use the term "AT" instead of the "@" sign to ensure that the address is not processed by system software. The reply must be sent to the email address including the "@" sign and NOT to the STMFC.


Repliers are free to use any reply technique as long as it replies to the seller’s email address and not that of the STMFC.


So, it seems fairly simple. If a member has a list of steam era freight car items to sell, he/she prepares a list and informs the RealSTMFC membership of that via Email and provides an Email address of the list owner. Interested members can ask the owner for a copy of the list using the seller’s Email address. Interested members are then in contact with the seller and the STMFC has no further function regarding the seller or buyer.


Mike Brock

RealSTMFC Owner


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