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Very interesting indeed. It is a Mt. Vernon 40', 10'6" IH AAR boxcar with 6' doors, part of series 20201-20550 built in 1945. It would have been painted FCR with "white" lettering (called "aluminum because of its pigment, but appearing white) and the square "Feather River Route" herald in black-and-white.

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On 3/31/19 10:18 PM, Tony Thompson wrote:
The WP box car on the siding is interesting.
Tony Thompson 

On Mar 31, 2019, at 6:50 PM, Bruce Griffin <bdg1210@...> wrote:


John King offered a much higher resolution scan for consideration. The load and gon are much clearer than in the scan I shared at first. The load is headed west from Baltimore in 1952 about 14 miles west of Baltimore. Any additional thoughts on origin or contents?  

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