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Bruce Smith


Why?  A WP car on the B&O comes as no surprise at all to me. We’ve documented repeatedly on this list that boxcars traveled the entire country.



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On Apr 1, 2019, at 1:06 AM, Fred Jansz <fred@...> wrote:

Tim and others interested,
WP 20243 also caught my eye immediately of course.
A Western Pacific car on the B&O!
Who would have thaught that.
However 20243 is not from the 20001-20200 'shorty' 9'6" batch (issued by Speedwitch (K-114, white or silver lettering), I own 3 of these kits, all built now), but from the  1945-built Mt Vernon batch WP 20201-20550 which has the 10'6" IH.
regards, Fred Jansz

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