Re: Gondola Load


Is this the Branchline model?  I built one a few years back, but I'm not sure that car is on the layout currently for me to check, and I can't immediately find the old Branchline catalog pages.  I'm not sure Atlas has re-run this car, but the Branchline kits show up all the time on eBay, or at least the ones where the number produced was in excess of the number actually sold or built.  Some less-common kits don't show up very often, but I haven't looked for this one since the one I built is in proportion to the number I needed.  I think I've probably built just about all the ones I really need, having rejected a few that just aren't close enough to be correct for me, but I counted recently and I think I'm over 70 finished ones, just over half of the total number of XM cars in service on my railroad.  I'd probably still buy a few more, especially if I want parts for something.

Ron Merrick

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