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The Branchline car was their stock number 1612, a 1947 car with 4/4 improved Dreadnaught ends and a 7' door. Branchline's car came with silver lettering. It should have been white, and this was corrected on the special run Branchline did for the PCR NMRA.

The box cars offered by Branchline Trains were typically available in a 4-pack, which in some cases represented a mix of both new and repainted cars, plus a 5th model available to be bought as a single car. The 4-packs were often broken up by hobby shops and sold individually. 

For the BT 1612 models (20554, 20558, 20623, 20712, 20790) all five were intended to represent repainted cars with aluminum stencils. The model I have is the single model WP 20623 with SAC 6-52 reweigh stencils following essentially the same paint & lettering used on 580 WP 20821-21400 PS-1 box cars built in late 1951 that received aluminum stencils and black roof & ends. 

The later WP models with BT 2003 catalogue number via the PCR Regional NMRA Convention as denoted on the label, should have New 8-47 stencils (possibly other months), white stencils, and a Mount Vernon builder badge. 

I recall that when BT was making plans to produce these WP models that photos of early to mid-1950s repainted cars with aluminum stencils were difficult to locate, and the roof & end colors were not definitive. Does anyone know if repainted cars from WP 20551-20800 retained their original black roof & ends, or were the roof & ends painted the same color as the sides? I ask because to this day I don’t know for sure what the roof & end color of my model should be. 

Also, I’m curious if there is a WP box car paint/stencil drawing that denotes a revision & date when the change from white to aluminum stencils was made & if such a drawing defines the roof & ends for repainted cars with aluminum stencils during the early 1950s & before the circa June 1955 change to yellow stencils.

If the paint/stencil drawings aren’t known to exist, in the 17 years that have passed since these Branchline WP models were released circa May 2002, has one or more definitive photos been located to help determine the color of the roof & ends on repainted WP 20551-20800 series box cars?
Ed Hawkins

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