reporting marks for the 40ft single sheathed auto box car

Andy Carlson

One of the problems I had with the Walthers 50' SS auto box cars were the diagonals were quite removed from the vertical, more than just about every example I have looked at. This would of course hindered the transfer of forces which a good truss needs to be affective. Of course the grooves between boards was a deal killer. But the out-of-the box thinking of turning it into a 40' car, that I like!!! Reminds me of the Mainline Modeler NP GS kit bash of swapping left and right pieces of the sides to correct the truss arrangement. This is what makes this hobby fun.
-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

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try this
Steve Hile

Claus Schlund asked:
"Any thoughts on the reporting marks for the 40ft single sheathed auto box car shown in the image linked below? The resolution is just not quite good enough..."   

Tony Wagner replied"
"NJI&I, a subsidiary of the Wabash, possibly 3500-3599 1 car in my 1-1-50 ORER. I'd guess its a clone of several thousand WAB cars in various 40000 thru 49000 number series  with 11' or 12' doors as both ordinary XM box cars or XAR auto or XME and XAP auto parts cars."

That's what I thought at first, but the Wabash cars all had radial roofs and the car in the photo has a peaked roof. 
That got my interest as it appears to be an opportunity to use that fantasy HO scale Walthers 50 ft auto boxcar for something by cutting out a set of diagonals shortens the model to the neighborhood of 40 ft.  The ends will need to be replaced, which isn't too difficult, especially as the kit is engineered with a separate A end to allow swapping a solid end or end door.
Ben Hom


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