Re: reporting marks for the 40ft single sheathed auto box car

Benjamin Hom

Andy Carlson wrote:
"But the out-of-the box thinking of turning it into a 40' car, that I like!!! Reminds me of the Mainline Modeler NP GS kit bash of swapping left and right pieces of the sides to correct the truss arrangement. This is what makes this hobby fun."

It's actually one of John Nehrich's ideas.  With an eye towards building a Wabash 40 ft SS automobile car, he turned a MDC 50 ft SS auto boxcar into a flat kit, then removed the side sill reinforcement under the doors and cut out a diagonal on either side of the door to make 40 ft sides.  I don't know if he finished the model, but it was on the way towards being a credible model of the prototype at a time when the Funaro model was no longer available.

Ben Hom 

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