White material protruding from car doors.


   A while ago, I recall a string about a closed door boxcar with white material protruding from the doors with the query - what could it be? 
Was that ever resolved?  

    While looking over some photos one prompted an "a-ha" moment.    
For those who care to see, lots to study. Car chalking, switch tags, a RI and M&StL car.  An example to model of a car being loaded. 
First photo and second give evidence of what I think was the white material seen.    
Library of Congress - John Vachon - 1939 - I do not recall these being photos discussed here prior.   

No Pillsbury doughboy seen anywhere. 
First photo - upper left of the door - "New plastic roof"  (?) 
First three photos - that white material seen prior - could this be it? 
Photos five and six - look how TIGHT the side sheathing is. No deep grooves. 
Last photo - all the chalk marks.                                              

       Photos taken at Pillsbury A mill in old St. Anthony Main area of Twin Cities. In the future well beyond the time line of this list, the tracks the cars are on will be torn out, concrete poured,  then rails set in place with concrete poured up to the railhead height to give "historic atmosphere".  The mills will be refurbished into condos where if you have to ask "how much?" well..... yes... that much. 

And in the future beyond this lists time I will walk around here with my wife from time to time on the Mississippi river front over looking where once St. Anthony Falls fell and Jim Hill built his stone arch bridge and we will duck into a nice café overlooking over the river.                                                                      Jim Dick - St. Paul 

As a modeling note, I think I need to add some white material, perhaps thin plastic....around some boxcars shipping flour.  

                 Print this one and post it by the freight house: http://cdn.loc.gov/service/pnp/cph/3g00000/3g07000/3g07900/3g07903v.jpg

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