Re: White material protruding from car doors.

Gary Ray

My mother grew up in the Texas Panhandle (Wellington) in the 1930’s.  She told me how she would trade flour bags with print patterns with other girls to get enough to make dresses.  She has lots of stories about growing up during the depression on her dad’s farm.  Even wrote a short book about it.  I’m blessed that she is still here at 93 sharing her recollections.


Gary Ray

Magalia, CA


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They were "one and don" except the cloth went on to many secondary uses; a major source of rags and industrial wipes. Used bags made good aprons, any housewife could do it with a bit of sewing. At one time some bags were even printed with a pattern to encourage this. I recall finding a stash of these bags when I cleaned out my grandmother's house.

Dennis Storzek


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