Re: Throwback Tuesday: Ulrich GS Gon Ad, Model Railroader, October 1959

Rod Miller

On 4/2/19 3:13 PM, Rob M. via Groups.Io wrote:
We in O scale are blessed to have a wonderful and accurate scale model of G-50-9/12 GS gons in brass courtesy of the late Pat O'Boyle and his /Pacific Limited/.  Beautiful models and a signature of the west in the same vein as the ATSF Caswell Gons, of which we are not fortunate to have in quarter inch scale.
I've justified an SP G50- on my east coast coal hauling branch as something bringing in product from Espee territory.  Need you SP guys to school me on what types of non-aggregate loads may be carried to the east coast in one of these cars.
Suggestions please?
Rob Mondichak
Several other SP GS gons in addition to the Pacific Limited gons
have been imported and/or are available in O scale.

Max Gray and U.S. Hobbies imported G50-16 gons. The MG models have
working drop doors and AB brakes while the USH gons have K brakes
and dummy doors. Ends were plate or dreadnaught.

Glacier Park Models has a nice kit for an AC&F GS gondola.

Precision Scale imported the G50-20 with either low sides or
sugar beet side extensions.

Mike's Train House imported G50-16 and G50-20 gons RTR 3-rail.
They are very accurate including the lettering. The body has
provision for a KD coupler mount, and 2-rail wheelsets are
available from MTH. One can go farther with the conversion such
as filling in the center sill at the trucks, adding body bolsters,
and changing the trucks. A sheet metal weight is sandwiched
between the floor layers. Foobie schemes were D&RGW, NP, GN,
probably others. Long sold out, look for them on eBay.

The MG/USH cars needed brake rigging and painting. The MTH cars
need, in addition to the changes listed above, cut levers and
air hoses to become nice models of the prototype. I have a
blend of 21 of the MG/USH/MTH cars on my layout; most are
assigned to mine service.

Rod Miller
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