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Dave Bayless

Thanks Stephen,

The info about the flat panel roof makes sense and solves that concern. I can see the info you provided matches up with a list of postwar AAR boxcars with 4-4 Improved Dreadnaught ends, compiled by Ed Hawkins that I found online. The only thing puzzling is the list shows these cars with Improved 4-4 Dreadnaught ends, but the photo definitely shows the ribs to be the “banana” taper with the top rib rectangular shape and set inward from the edge. That would make it an R+3/4 “late” Improved dreadnaught configuration. Could it be that this series of cars were placed on the wrong “list” from Ed Hawkins, or could it be that sometime these cars, (or this one car) was rebuilt for some reason? If anyone has this book, Classic Freight Cars, Vol 7 and on page 30. The ATSF boxcar appears in the background of the photo highlighting an IC Dbl-Dr boxcar.



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BX-51, 274750-275499, Blt. 1948, ran until 1981, 40’9”, IH 10’6”, 6/5/5Youngstown lightweight doors, 4/4 Improved Dreadnaught ends, Raised Panel roof, steel running board, AAR welded underframe, ASF-A3 trucks.



J. Stephen Sandifer


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Not sure if this question is just within the time frame for this group, but if not just let me know. I have a picture of ATSF boxcar 275357 on page 30 of “Classic Freight Cars” the Series vol 7 “more 40’ boxcars”. The ends appear to be R+3/4, sides 12 panel welded with 6’ YSD dr with 5/5/4 configuration. But I tell exactly what the roof is and have not been able to find another photo of boxcars in this series. The roof appears to be either a flat paneled roof or possibly a DP roof. Does anyone know what this roof is or can you point me to another photo of cars in this series. I was thinking of kitbashing a model of this from the Accurail kit 1500 AAR 40’boxcar. Thanks for your help

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