Re: White material protruding from car doors.

Clark Propst

At our retirees breakfast this morning I knew a guy I worked with started in the rail yard. I asked if they still used cloth bags when he hired on (1952)? He said they'd switched to paper, but there were still cloth bags around. 
I knew he'd been on the car cleaning crew and was a car sealer. Today he told me he was also a "Car boss". I asked what that was. He was the guy that inspected and prepared the car for loading. Which meant putting down layers of heavy gray paper on the floor. They still had rolls of that paper for years after I started. We used it as skirting on our modular layout. Anyways, the car boss was paid by the hour while the guys 'trucking' in the cement sacks were piece workers, his title didn't make up for the wage difference  : /
CW Propst

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