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Andy Carlson

From: Dave Parker

And imagine how much less perceptible the boards were when the car was new ca. 12 years earlier.  I have some 1920s builder's photos where the individual boards are virtually impossible to make out.

Andy, I gather you share my frustration with the majority of SS car models out there.  I will refrain from ranting, but this is an area of much-needed improvement in available prototype models, plastic and resin.

Dave Parker
Riverside, CA

*********************************   My earliest attempts at single sheathed pattern making for HO cars was decided before my start to have "less perceptible" individual boards. I had quickly discovered in making scale drawings of SS cars, that the need to count boards was necessary to get the board dimension heights. It was often necessary to jump from panels-to-panels when counting boards from photos, as the board separations often could not be determined. My collaborator friend in my early pattern making days was chastised sufficiently hard enough by me that he moved away from evergreen Siding for SS cars. 

My 1st Single Sheathed HO pattern is shown below. I have received complaints from fine modelers that my scribing was too faint, and if Floquil paint was used, they were probably right. Dave, I have disliked overly exagerated scribing for decades.

-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

BTW-this is a steel Howe truss frame WP car.
Mm _,_._,_***

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