Re: RI 133510 from flour loading topic (Look At The Boards)


   I have some photos in a file of this group of the same lament. They have been there for a while.

   It is also why I made note of how tight the boards are in the original posting. 

I talked with a resin builder at Cocoa ..five(?)..years ago. And they stated in reply almost exactly the first and second sentence  Bill you wrote. 

   My primary modeled railroad is the NP, and they used wood in sheathing of their cars well past when others went to steel, and later photos do not show warped distressed boards. 
The inspectors at the NP shops took pride in having above average maintenance of their car fleet, and would have had substandard cars shopped.
I have copies of internal letters where this is noted. 

Rather well maintained cars as in your example Andy.  I would purchase cars with sides like that. I would prefer cars with sides like you did.
Perhaps they need to be marketed as "correct to scale wood sheathing" or something like that.

Dave, it is not a rant. It is a most valid concern.  So carry on speaking out about it.
Folks here speak about proper brake wheels or brake pipe runs or side tabs, sheathing to scale is certainly within a topic of review.
When ever I am presenting, and a photo of a SS car with tight sheathing like the RI car comes up, I take a second to point it out. Once folks are aware of this, they will notice it more and more.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Jim Dick  - Roseville MN                                                                                             

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